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February 2017 - Q&A with Belinda Guzman - Vice President, Administration

BI: Belinda, can you tell us a little about your position at Brand Institute and your day-to-day responsibilities? What are your main responsibilities, what would you say are the most challenging and why?

BG: I wear many hats…I’m in charge of our recruiting efforts, I oversee the administration department, I manage our employee contracts and benefits, and I also personally assist Mr. James Dettore, our Chairman and CEO. I’d say the most challenging aspect is finding the ideal candidate – one who has the combination of skills, experience, and personality that we’re looking for.

BI: What is it like being in charge of employees in so many different offices around the world?
BG: It’s very rewarding to be able to experience the diversity in cultures within our company. There is also a challenge in managing the different labor laws that exist for some of our offices worldwide.

BI: What are some of the biggest challenges in finding and retaining top talent in such a unique field such as brand naming for healthcare?
BG: I’d say it’s finding someone who fits our company’s values and culture who also has the education and experience. We focus on finding a people person who can contribute. In terms of retaining employees we offer competitive salaries and benefits and put great effort into creating a dynamic workplace.

BI: You’ve been at BI since 2006, and a lot can change in 11 years. How challenging was it to build a company to serve a specialized market that barely existed at the time?
BG: It was very challenging in the sense that the company wasn’t nearly as established as it is now. The company has grown tremendously since then but the tough part back then was finding individuals who bought into our mission and vision, and who were motivated to offer best in class service.

BI: What do you do to stay motivated, and to keep your team motivated?
BG: I’ve been here 11 years and I don’t see this as work; I treat BI as my second family. I keep myself motivated by knowing there are always new challenges on the horizon. I also keep a positive environment for the team which helps keep everyone motivated. I like to work with my team and lead them, rather than just be their boss.

BI: What skill would you say is the most critical in your position?
BG: Organizational skills are crucial. At any given time there can be several different challenges in various aspects of the company. These help me be efficient and focus my attention on the task at hand.

BI: What makes the work environment at BI so unique?
BG: I would say it’s our positive mindset. We try and create this type of contagious atmosphere within our workplace. Staying positive reflects extremely well on the quality of work we’re able to produce.

BI: How do you feel BI will take on any future workforce changes?
BG: We place great importance in flexibility in the workplace. This allows us to easily adapt to meet any change in employee needs.

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