Healthcare Experience

Brand Institute Healthcare Share of Market

Our Healthcare experience includes 590 clients, with 2,277 partnered brands and 445 USAN/INN names. Below is our extensive portfolio, feel free to filter by clients, brands, category or USAN/INN Names.   ||  Click Here for Consumer/B2B Experience

BASF AGRICULTURE icosabutate Metabolic Disorders
BIOMARIN pegvaliase Metabolic Disorders
BIOMARIN reveglucosidase alfa Metabolic Disorders
CATABASIS PHARMACEUTICALS edasalonexent Metabolic Disorders
CATABASIS PHARMACEUTICALS nicodicosapent Metabolic Disorders
NOVO NORDISK somapacitan Metabolic Disorders
SHIRE PHARMACEUTICALS maralixibat chloride Metabolic Disorders
TEVA PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES albusomatropin Metabolic Disorders
VERSARTIS somavaratan Metabolic Disorders

* Denotes a comprehensive report of the safety regulatory research prepared by BI/DSI for submission of this name candidate to FDA and/or EMA, and/or Health Canada, and other Regulatory Agencies.

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