Sophia Fuerst
President, Nonproprietary Names Division, DSI

Ms. Fuerst joined Drug Safety Institute's Nonproprietary (USAN/INN) Names Division as Managing Director in 2005, and was promoted to President in 2007. Ms. Fuerst was formerly Director of the USAN Program at the American Medical Association (AMA) and served in various positions during her 18-year tenure with the Program, including AMA senior staff scientist in the area of Drug Nomenclature.

She was involved in negotiations between the USAN Council, pharmaceutical manufacturers and foreign nomenclature agencies. From 1986 to 2005, Ms. Fuerst was responsible for reviewing submissions, classifying compounds, creating new stems when appropriate and approving and adopting new USAN names.

Ms. Fuerst worked as a consultant, from 1999-2000, to the Secretariat of the INN Programme at the World Health Organization (WHO/INN) in Geneva, Switzerland. Ms. Fuerst holds a B.S. in Biology/Chemistry (pre-med) from St. Joseph's College, an M.S. in Medicinal Chemistry from the University of Chicago and an M.B.A. from Governor's State University in Illinois.

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