Emerson Fittipaldi Loves the KB Pace

KB Living | November 2019

How the racing legend found his island paradise... Read More


Brand Institute Wins 2019 American Inhouse Design Award

GDUSA | 06/14/2019

Brand Institute has earned recognition by leading graphic design publication, GDUSA, on their work for IVERIC bio... Read Article


Here's how billion-dollar drugs get their names


Macrilen. Steglatro. Rhopressa. These may sound like alien characters from a science fiction novel, but they’re drug brand names. This begs the question: How do drugs get such strange names? ... Read Article


'Creation engineering': The art and science of naming drugs

CNN | 11/05/2016

Yearly lists of the "most popular baby names" show how tastes change over time. While Jennifer, Heather, Michael and Jason may ... Read Article


What's in a name?
For drugs, a lot of Zs and Xs

CNBC | 04/10/2015

Farxiga. Hetlioz. Otezla. Zykadia. No, these are not the names of distant planets visited by the starship Enterprise. They're the brand names ... Read Article


Pharmaceutical Naming

WSVN 7 NEWS | 07/01/2014

Interested in how we come up with a Pharmaceutical Name? View the segment on WSVN ... Read Article


Episode 53: Names, Names, and Names

NPR | How To Do Everything | 04/01/13 8:00 AM ET

Listen to our very own, Scott Piergrossi, Vice President of Creative, speak with Ian and Mike of NPR's How to do Everything: ... Read Article


The letters "X," "Y" and "Z" often appear in drug brand names. Ever wonder why?

By Enid Burns | Canadian Medical Association Journal | 09/03/2014

You shuffle to the pharmacy counter, arthritic knees aflame, each step pure agony, and hand over a prescription for Cerebyx. Big mistake. Cerebyx is an anticonvulsant, not an anti-inflammatory. What you need is Celexa. Actually, no, that's an antidepressant. Instead, try … Celebrex? ... Read Article


Branders give products an identity

By Jenny Staletovich | The Miami Herald | 04/01/09 8:30 AM PT

In the world of branding, there's a language all its own: Casodex, Grazax, Latisse, Symbicort and Vusion. Each one of those words is the name of a drug that a team of branders spent hours devising ... Read Article


CBS Morning News

CBS | 09/25/08 9:31 AM EST

View Sunday Morning's cover story on Drug Naming featuring Brand Institute ... Read Article


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